Faoiltiama "Faye"

Half-Elven Ranger Hot Chick with a Bow


Faye is nearly 6 feet tall. She has the sturdy build of someone descended from both wood elf and hearty human stock, as well as the lithe musculature of someone in constant motion. Her movements are strong and purposeful, but rarely overextended; there is an economy to her motion inherent in her nature, which likely ties into her stealth. In defiance of her intimidating presence, though, is a softness and a curve to her form. She is strikingly pretty despite, or perhaps because of, her sharp features- a reality to which she is completely oblivious (and she in fact vehemently believes the opposite, as her upbringing led her to believe she is a half-blood monstrosity). Her pointed nose turns up slightly between high cheekbones, and a strong jaw offsets her full red lips. Piercing green eyes nearly glow amongst smudges on her face and in the shadows of her hood. Her long dirty blond hair is streaked with the copper of her wood elf lineage, and braided in haphazard patterns to keep its length out of her eyes.

Nearly everything on her person is made of skins and furs, and near exclusively by her own hand; everything but her cloak is fitted closely to her body to allow for freedom of movement and minimization of sound. Everything blends together and into the colors of the natural world, helping her blend further into the background. She has a sinew-wrapped longbow and patchwork quiver on her back, and a both a dagger and a sickle on her hip. Everything is reliable and has a purpose.

She often, nearly always, has her hood up. She never slouches her body, but often ducks her head to hide her face and to help her be more concealed. Her posture is eerily still and she seems to never fully relax, despite often leaning or reclining, like a bow strung too tightly or a panther betraying its readiness to pounce. She is always alert- watching her surroundings and gauging the movements of those nearby. If there are shadows to be found, she is lurking in them (mostly to ensure she has the upper hand… partly because she doesn’t want to talk to you). Her demeanor becomes increasingly more gruff and her body more visibly tense in direct proportion to how many people (particularly humans) are near to her, and to how large a town is. She dislikes pleasantries and feels incredibly out of place amongst ‘civilized’ people, and even moreso within walls and confinement as they disrupt her senses and possibilities for movement.

In the wild, though, she is a silent juggernaut. She glides amongst the shadows stalking her quarry, letting slip from the darkness a rain of bolts to loose her foes from their existence.. The few she deigns to guide are protected and led away from the horrors of the wild for which they are unprepared, all the while moving headlong and undeterred, never losing course.

On the rare occasion that she is not yet irritated by the presence of her charges at the completion of her contract, she may winter with them. Faye uses this time to acquire any skills or spells she finds useful before moving on, regardless of their origin. This habit makes her uniquely able but all the more an outsider. Even as a Ranger, despite her prowess, she does not quite fit the mold.

Also, she is judging you. I’m not sure what you did… but she’s making that face. Again.



Faoiltiama "Faye"

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