Tabaxi Rogue Thief


So you want to hire the great Cat Eyed Thief, eh? Well, you better have to coin to hire my skill set…or at least something in it for me. For flattery alone will not win me over. My favor is a fickle thing, as is my attention, and both are in high demand. True, you could go to a guild…but with their rates and reputation it’s obvious you either value coin or a job done right, so let’s skip that empty bluff shall we and cut to the chase. Now, start giving me the details on the job and the payment, rest assured I am a professional and take my job serious; however, if you try to cross me, it will cost you far, far more than what you’re willing to pay me or anyone else for that matter. Maybe you will even learn where the expression ‘Cat got your tongue’ came from.



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