CoS - Debauchery Tea Party

Session #6 - Grave Matters

After defeating Doru, the party returned to the floor above and confronted a grieving Donavich. The party tried to console him, but it was with no avail until Serendipity stepped forward and talked him off the ledge and see reason.

Donavich mustering his strength to continue on after the loss of his son, helped Ismark and Ireena bury their father in the church graveyard. Finally put to rest, Ireena was now willing and ready to leave the town in search of better protection. It was at this point that Donavich suggested that she be taken to the town of Krezek instead of Vallaki. But the party didn’t have a chance to deliberate as a strange event took place.

The spirits of dead heroes rose from the graveyard and marched. Didn’t attack. Didn’t talk. Didn’t do anything but walk through the lands and towards Castle Ravenloft.
Donavich said that every night, the restless spirits of the heroes who have fallen get up and march to the castle to destory Strahd, but once they get there they fade back into the mists and are lost again until the following night. Never accomplishing their goal.

The party heart struck by this, decided to rest before leaving and spent the night in the mansion of the Burgomaster.

The next morning they begun their journey to Vallaki to regroup with Kettle’s friends and replenish their supplies. Along the way, they took the advice of the tavern Vistani and visited Madame Ava.

Madame Ava read her tarroka cards for the party and told them where they could find items and people who could help them defeat Strahd. To which now, their quest officially begun.

And so they go…..


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