CoS - Debauchery Tea Party

Session #5 - "A monk, a death cleric, a ranger, a paladin, a warlock and a sprite walk into a bar....Not kidding"

Alright kids, let's try this again. No dying this time!

A month has passed since Serendipity, Kettle, and Faye lost their friends to the hands of Strahd. They have taken up shelter and a “lively hood” at the Church of St. Andral in Vallaki, helping those seeking refugee and safety from Strahd and the rest of his minions. They got to know the layout of the town and kept a low profile so they weren’t to be discovered by possible spies.

Here is where our adventure picks up again…..

Three new adventurers (or are they?) wandered into Barovia and met up at a crossroads intersection on Old Svalick Road to which they decided to walk together to the nearest town. To this point they encountered a lone Will-o-Wisp which didn’t notice them at first. But the party took action and tried to take it out before hand as they launched an assault on the creature on their path. There was some exchanging of blows but in the end, the group was able to defeat the monster after a minute or so of engagement. With some wounds, they continued their journey to the nearest town, which arose to them through the Mists as the village of Barovia.

Seeking shelter of some kind, the group came upon the town tavern to which they encountered some locals. One of them being Ismark, the new local Burgomaster after the passing of his father. But at this time, Kettle and Faye responded to word of new adventurers finding their way into Barovia and went to meet up with them to recruit into their cause to liberate the lands from Strahd.

Upon arriving to town, Kettle and Faye went to the tavern to see the new arrivals to be a Air Gensai Monk named Soji, a cleric named Mirroth, and a strange warlock who isn’t sure what she is given the day and time…..

Despite some first impressions, they managed to work out a deal with Ismark in helping him get his sister Ireena to Vallaki and in a better protected town then Barovia.

In agreement, they went to his house to discover that the mansion he spoke of was very weathered, scorched in areas, and falling apart; as though it went through many attacks and battles over the years. There they met the beautiful Ireena whom looked capable of protecting herself. She also had vampire bite marks in her neck, scars still healing it would seem.

She adamantly said that she will not leave this town until her late father was put to rest in the graveyard of town. With this, the party marched forward but only to discover a peddler woman selling pies, harmless at first.

…Til they noticed a family paying for pies by selling their son….

The party quickly sprung into action and saved the boy and discovered the woman to be a Hag. Keeping her in mind for later and destroying her pie cart, which was full of pies that were simulating bliss to the consumer, they continued on to the church.

There they met Father Donavich, who was in great distraught over his son. But he was dodging questions about his condition.

Then they heard him scream from the basement for blood because he was hungry.

Turns out his son, Doru, was turned into a vampire spawn and his father was keeping him secret. The party went downstairs to face Doru and got an idea of what kind of trouble they would be facing in the coming days from Strahd.

Speed. Power. A thirst for blood.

These traits fueled this monster and he was just a fledgling. Only time will tell to see what happens when they face a full vampire.


RyleiDreemurr RyleiDreemurr

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